MiND Engineering - An Instruction Manual for your Hiring Team

Do you remember how as a child it always seemed possible to be an Astronaut, a Doctor, a Ballerina, or even the President of the country? And sometimes, all at the same time?Every individual is born with certain traits and talents and responds to different stimuli. The best part is, there is no right or wrong one. These personality traits that you’re born with can be identified and assessed by MiND engineering.


What is MiND Engineering?

MiND engineering is a powerful tool that helps us understand an individual’s behavioral style, personality, driving force, weaknesses, and much more. It is done with the help of a scientific concept called dermatoglyphics - the study of fingerprints. (It is conducted by analyzing the patterns of your fingerprints, a phenomenon commonly known as dermatoglyphics - the scientific study of fingerprints.)

MiND, the acronym stands for M as in Motivator, I as in Investigator, N as in Nurturer, and D as in Driver.

A gist of what these words reflect:

Motivators - Individuals with this personality trait are seen as rule-breakers. They are cheerful, enthusiastic & love their freedom.

Investigators - Investigators are data & process-oriented individuals, who are excellent analysts, and are perfectionists in their own way

Nurturers - Nurturers are relationship-oriented individuals, excellent team players, and are flexible in nature.

Drivers - Drivers are independent, goal-oriented individuals who are strong-willed and strong decision-makers


Human beings are a unique combination of all four profiles and in most cases predominantly lean towards one or two of them.


How is MiND engineering essential in the Recruitment process?

MiND engineering can help your employees work together as a team while pushing your organization toward new heights. No matter which industry you are in, a MiND engineering assessment report will benefit in training, hiring, productivity, morale, and much more.

Human resource is perhaps the most valuable asset of an organization. Choosing the right person especially for an important position is vital as it impacts both time and resources. Dermatoglyphics truly reflects one’s natural talent (inborn potential), something that human resource personnel are looking for.

Few areas where MiND Engineering helps in the process of recruitment:

1. Shortlisting candidates for the interview

With so many applications for a single position, shortlisting candidates can itself be a time-consuming and difficult task. This can be made easier with a MiND engineering report. The report results can be compared against a predefined 'ideal' profile for the job, expediting the shortlisting process.

2. Hiring the best-suited personality and reducing the employee turnover

With businesses struggling in this economy, it is highly expensive when you make a hiring mistake, leading to employee turnover. The Society for Human Resource Management estimates that it costs $3,500 to replace an $8 per hour employee while taking into account the costs of recruiting, hiring, training, lost productivity, and lost sales. To avoid this, organizations have started assessing their potential candidates using MiND engineering technology. It reduces costs, helps recruit efficiently.

3. Develop strong leadership and imbibe interpersonal skills in your employees

In today’s market, interpersonal skills are one of the most sought after types of soft skills in a candidate. By understanding the employee's weaknesses, communication characteristics, and driving force, it is easier to push them to the next level in a personalized way and instill these skills for their overall development.


Therefore, with MiND - get one step closer to excellence by recruiting people suited for a certain job type.