MiND Engineering - Personality Profiles


“There is no research without action and no action without research.”

- Kurt Lewin


When we read this, our inner neurons were fired up to take action. An action on the research that was already out there, and to build on top of it. And so we started evolving (read doing further research) our proprietary module of MiND EngineeringTM.


MiND EngineeringTM is a behavior assessment tool built on the fundamentals of DISC theory of Psychologist William Moulton, which centers on four different personality profiles.


It is conducted by analyzing the patterns of your fingerprints, a phenomenon commonly known as dermatoglyphics - the scientific study of fingerprints (want to learn more about the research and study behind Dermatoglyphics?).


The human mind is a complex organ, knowing it more is not only interesting but also invigorating. In our pursuit of unraveling a few mysteries of personality and its connection with the mind, we have come up with the term MiND EngineeringTM. Let's take a look at what it means.


MiND, the acronym stands for M as in Motivator, I as in Investigator, N as in Nurturer, and D as in Driver. We call them profiles, based on which a different set of traits are being observed.


General characteristics and personality traits of each profile



  • Fast-paced and act spontaneously
  • Light up the environment with positive energy and are the life of the party
  • Enjoy freedom from too many rules or regulations and gravitate towards a friendly and fun environment.
  • Live in today
  • Love to be with nature
  • Good communicator and love human interaction; also known to be social butterflies
  • Great encourager and motivator and see the best in everyone
  • Love to be in limelight and work for recognition than money



  • Highly analytical
  • Extremely thorough, organized, and systematic
  • Love excavating and doing research
  • Prefer privacy & generally reserved
  • Process & detail-oriented
  • Value information, logic, and accuracy
  • Good at micro-management
  • Methodical and love to follow a protocol
  • Highly punctual



  • Simple, humble, and polite so as not to hurt or offend anyone
  • Conform to rules and regulations
  • Tend to be a peacemaker
  • Willing to work long and hard to deliver results
  • Prefer to avoid overly competitive situations
  • Even-tempered, friendly, and sympathetic towards others
  • Believe in contribution more than reward and tend to move away from the limelight



  • Bold and courageous
  • Fast-paced and prefer to lead
  • Competitive and will participate only if likely to win
  • Tend to be a self-starter and possess the quality of a natural achiever
  • Determined, strong-willed and prefer taking their own decisions
  • Enjoy power and authority
  • Self-confident and can be perceived by the body language and posture


Human beings are a unique combination of all four profiles and in most cases predominantly lean towards one or two of them.


This is just a glimpse, there is a lot more to MiND EngineeringTM, we have covered more topics in our reports, platform, and training.


A complete report of MiND EngineeringTM - Personality assessment, provides insights into the innate personality traits and behavior patterns of a person including,

  • Strengths,
  • Blindspots (growth areas),
  • Communication style,
  • Ideal growth environment,
  • Motivating factors,
  • Decision making,
  • Risk-taking ability,
  • Conflict management,
  • Fears and,
  • Emotional triggers


There are numerous applications to this study, we will be talking about each of them in the subsequent articles while continuously exploring and testing new theories and adding them to our arsenal under MiND EngineeringTM.


Connect with us to know more on the topic or to explore the applications of this brilliant method for your organization. If you wish to get your personality analyzed, click here.