Why is it important to know the REAL you?

Do you ever wish you could change your job, because it's not something that calls to you anymore? Or leave the course that you're enrolled in because it does not resonate with what you want to do in the future?


Well, you're not alone. There are millions of people out there who do not enjoy what they're doing but continue to do so as they think, “It's too late now” or “There's too much at risk”


Since childhood, whenever we fail, we have been told to “Never give up” or “There’s always another way out.” But we’ve never been taught how to deal with failure or even assess why we have failed.


What if we told you there's a simple way to make decisions that will support you throughout your career and personal life?


Introducing you to MiND EngineeringTM, a brilliant assessment tool by WAI.


WAI - Who AM I, is exactly what you can discover by MiND EngineeringTM.


MiND EngineeringTM is a tool that allows you to identify the different dimensions of your inborn personality. It does not measure intelligence, aptitude, mental health, or values. But a MiND EngineeringTM assessment blueprint can help you lead to them.


The report describes human behavior in various situations—for example, how you respond to challenges, how you influence others, your preferred pace, your decision-making skills, and your response to rules and procedures.


It measures tendencies and preferences, or patterns of behavior. It shows your strengths and weaknesses, based on your personality type. A MiND EngineeringTM blueprint is a tool for dialogue, not diagnosis. But it can aid the diagnostic process for a mental disorder, a health problem, or even a suitable career path.


With the help of MiND EngineeringTM, Life coaches can help their clients deal with failure in a personalized way by using certain tactics suited to their personality type.


A prominent advantage of dermatoglyphics is that as the ridges of our fingerprints are readily accessible, they can be used to inspect abnormalities immediately after birth. Also it's a non-invasive process and can be obtained without any trauma to the patient.


Let's take an example,

A 40-year-old lady suffers from Hyperacidity, IBS, and frequent heartburns; the doctor tells her to get a blood test report. He looks at the report, diagnoses her, and gives certain medications. After a week, she suffers from the same symptoms again and the doctor gives her the same medications. She finds some relief, but the symptoms keep recurring week after week.


This time, the doctor tells her to get a MiND EngineeringTM assessment blueprint.


Now you must be wondering, how would that help her? Shouldn't she get another series of reports done?


There’s a scientific study that proves - certain personality types tend to keep their emotions bottled up. They are unable to communicate their worries, problems, and things that affect them greatly. Her personality type was one of them. (To know more about the various personality types click here).


These pent up feelings and emotions over the years sometimes become a cause of chronic stress and acidity. It takes a toll on an individual's digestive system, cardiovascular system, and nervous system. Our GIT releases certain secretory hormones every time we’re happy, sad, excited, or anxious. These hormones play a vital role in the coordination of all the systems in our body.


Therefore, to cure her of hyperacidity and heartburn, it was important for the doctor to work on her mind along with her body.


Like a blood test is important for physical health, a MiND EngineeringTM blueprint is equally important for mental health.


Another very important application of MiND EngineeringTM is career analysis and life coaching. It helps you decide your career path or even excel in your current job. This is because a MiND EngineeringTM blueprint gives you an insight into your driving factors, suitable work environment, communication style and so much more.


When a child is born, there are a set of tests and vaccinations. Similarly, we strongly urge parents of our upcoming generations to get a MiND EngineeringTM blueprint done immediately after their child is born.


This will help our upcoming youth and push them towards something that they are innately talented at from a younger age itself.


Hence, a MiND EngineeringTM blueprint can be immensely helpful for every individual in the various verticals of life. With this technology, we aim to elevate self-awareness in the civilization and help people reach their optimum potential.