A couple’s tiff solved by applying MiND engineering in relationship counselling

Partner Introduction: Relationship counselor practicing for 6+ years.

Challenges and observations:

The couple had certain compatibility issues. Since it was in the wife's personality traits to be a perfectionist, she wanted things to be done her way.

On the other hand, the husband's personality traits would limit him from confronting his wife or sharing his feelings. He was unable to cope up with the pressure put on him but avoided communicating. This created a distance between them.

Wife’s MiND Personality Profile: Investigator - Driver

Husband’s MiND Personality Profile: Strong Nurturer



Their personality blueprint through MiND EngineeringTM helped us understand the root cause of their stress, underlying emotions, weaknesses, communication style, and fears.

We explained to the wife the underlying limitations and blindspots of her personality type. She resonated with it and started understanding her husband’s point of view.

The husband has started communicating and sharing his emotions, which has helped strengthen their relationship.


Having the personality blueprint in hand before the counseling helped identify the root cause of the stress between the couple. It impacted the decision-making process for tailoring the correct course of action, leading to a positive outcome in a timely manner.