A female with gastrointestinal feels relief on her mind and body after 4 sessions

Partner Introduction: A Dietitian and Nutritionist practicing for the past 20+ years.

Client Introduction: A 35-year-old female with hyperacidity and heartburn problems.


Challenges & Observations

Curing her completely of her health issues would take time as they would keep recurring again and again.


Personality profile: Strong Nurturer



We introduced MiND EngineeringTM to identify her personality type and the factors causing stress or emotional imbalance.

Being a Nurturer personality, she had a lot of pent-up emotions which was the cause of her acidity.

We changed her diet, and along with it, made her aware of the factors that were causing stress in her life and in turn all these health issues.

We counseled her to release her emotions, which helped resolve her acidity issue in a week's time.



Understanding the personality traits & behavior patterns through MiND EngineeringTM helped save time, as what used to take 4-5 sessions earlier, was now being accomplished in 1-2 sessions with lasting effects.