Unlocking the kids’ genius by nurturing the parent-child bond-the right way!

Partner Introduction:

EVOLVE- Be The Original You is a signature program of Hexa Health Dimensions, the mother company of WAI. It is a 6-Weekend Experiential Learning Program that works towards the evolution of an individual’s cognitive abilities. It is focused on helping individuals create a balance in all the 6 Health Dimensions using Advance Brain Enhancement techniques, Extra Sensory Perceptions, Memory Booster & DMIT (Scientific study of Fingerprints).

In the year 2019, EVOLVE conducted an offline workshop with children falling in the age group of 12–17yrs along with their parents. This case study explores the impact of personality-driven behavior in fostering the parent-child relationship.


Challenges and Observation:

The contrasting personalities of the parents and their inability to understand the behavior of the child created a barrier and led to a communication gap. This reflected on their relationship with one another and as a result, there were conflicting opinions and the child was unable to receive the right support system and guidance.



The workshop was designed to enable both parents and children to identify their true potential. Kids were encouraged to evaluate and nurture their core areas of strength, be it sports, academics, music, art or any other field that they feel inclined to.

During the course of the program, parents were guided in understanding their contrasting and complementing personalities and were counseled to work on a communication style that improved their family dynamics. The entire process was carried out using different techniques such as MiND personality assessment, DMIT, Neurobics, and Cognitive Music Therapy.



The workshop was highly instrumental in fostering the parent-child bond. The communication gap had drastically reduced. During the workshop, participants who were initially shy and introverted became more open and began to trust each other. The children became more comfortable in initiating conversations and were open to sharing their thoughts and feelings.

The parents came out as a major support system and instead of forcing their expectations, they were now more accepting of their kids’ choices. About 60% of the parents felt that compared to before training their parenting had become more relaxed. The children on the other hand started feeling more confident which helped them gain clarity to decide on the future course of action. Confidence, acceptance level, and flexibility to make their own career choices were observed in nearly 75% of the families. Given how eye-opening this experience was, the participants described it as unbelievable and transformative.

Shared below is a link to a testimony. Watch and listen to one of the participants talk about their experiences at the workshop.

Success story feature - Amit & Tina Jain