Desk Yoga

Desk yoga helps in improving physical and mental wellness. Guided sessions are conducted for breathing exercises, spine strengthening, and posture correction.

A study shows that sitting for more than 5+ hours not only kills productivity but is also the equivalent of smoking a packet of cigarettes, leading to a downward spiral of your employee’s health, resulting in pain, headaches, and sick leaves which in turn impacts heavily on your business.

Yoga has been an ancient and scientific tool for increasing one’s energy levels & bringing out its maximum potential. It helps to increase not only stamina but also boosts immunity & hormonal balance thereby reducing stress levels.


  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Boost concentration & focus
  • Improve posture & self-image
  • Boost immunity & energy level
  • Additional Benefits of these physical activity programs include:
  • Increases productivity by 52%
  • 72% boost in workload management
  • Reduces the healthcare costs by 55%
  • (Source: Report by US dept of Health Human Services)
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