MiND Engineering

95% of people think they're self-aware but only 10-15% truly are. MiND Engineering is a tool to elevate self-awareness in individuals & to identify their inborn personality traits. (Source - surveys conducted by organizational psychologist Dr.Tasha Eurich)

It is an evolved version of the DISC theory.

MiND (M as in Motivators, I as in Investigators, N as in Nurturers, and D as in Drivers) is implemented through a concept of Dermatoglyphics - analysis of fingerprints that decode the brain's potential and talent through fingerprint patterns.

MiND assessment measures and provides insights into four primary behavioral traits and emotions, and explores how these blend in a person.


  • Key to growth in personal and professional life
  • Improved communication and better relationships
  • Clearer thinking
  • Effective decision making
  • Conflict management
  • How is it conducted?

  • Collection of information
  • Analysis through a proprietary algorithm
  • Report generation
  • For Corporates:

  • Reduce employee turnover by hiring the best-suited personality for the job
  • Increase the engagement of your employees by identifying their driving force
  • Build strong relationships and leaders that become assets for the organization
  • For Institutions:

  • A tailored learning environment for playschools
  • Effective classroom management - For colleges and schools
  • Modify extracurricular training suited to what is most effective to the personality
  • For Counselling:

  • NLP/Life Coaching - Understand the coachee without any assumptions or history
  • Sports psychology - Devise plans using growth patterns for long term success
  • Relationship counseling - guide couples to strengthen their relationship by identifying personality compatibility
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